Goals as your City Councilman

* City Services available to Ward 3, and the Las Vegas area are limited by the City’s budget. To maximize the services available to us, I will fight for a fiscal audit of the budget with the intent of finding more funds for services in ward 3 and the Las Vegas Area.

What kind of services? I would hope that regardless of what side of the aisle you are on, that you would agree that we need to take better care of our veterans, senior citizens and the mentally ill

* I will fight to rebuild the Infrastructure so we enhance our visibility as a strong Ward in the City

* Abandoned property in Ward 3 and the Las Vegas area hurts the ability to attract new businesses and new residents. I will work with business leaders in the community with the goal of coming up with a workable solution to deal with this problem

* I will fight for a tax reduction, for all new and existing businesses, that are operating in the City of Las Vegas and Ward 3 promoting more growth and revenue

* A councilman is only as effective as the information he receives from his constituents to act upon. As your councilman for Ward 3, I pledge to have an open door policy for all of my constituents, no matter what ‘side of the aisle’ they are on. I pledge to not only represent the residents of Ward 3 but the entire City of Las Vegas