” Las Vegas First”

Thanks to all my Loyal Supporters granted we didn’t win this time!

I have no idea what the future holds god bless all of you.

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Here’s my interview from December 18, 2018 when was a guest on Vegas Live with Ninon.

Here’s a link to an interview I did in June 2018 when I was a guest on Vegas Live with Ninon.

About Me:

I am 37 years old and have spent my life thus far in this great city. I learned about the importance of travel and tourism at the early age of 17 with my graduation from the Academy of Travel and Tourism at Valley High School in 1999. And, most importantly, I have witnessed the growth of the Las Vegas Valley first hand.

My interest in travel and tourism led me to work in various guest service positions in the Tourism industry in and around the Las Vegas area. In doing so, I found that one of my strengths is working with people. As such, my intent is to utilize that strength as I pledge to work selflessly for the people of the Las Vegas Valley and Ward 3.

Why do I want to do this? I have always enjoyed politics and feel it is my duty as a citizen of our great country to get involved. When elected, I will strive to make Las Vegas and Ward 3 a better place to live and work.

My goals as your City Councilman are as follows:

*”Las Vegas First”

*City Services available to Ward 3, and the Las Vegas area are limited by the City’s budget. When I am elected, I will go over the budget line by line with the intention of finding more services for veterans, senior citizens, the mentally ill, and our Homeless population.

* Our homeless issue is of great concern to me.

My goal to tackle this issue is to form a regional coalition.

The coalition would consist of representatives from the State, County, and the various other Municipalities. I would also include any business Leaders, and non-profits that wanted to be included. I pledge to work together in order to find that comprehensive solution.

* I will fight against any unnecessary tax increases. I would need to evaluate how our money is being spent before proposing or voting on new taxes and fees.

* I will fight to rebuild the Infrastructure so we enhance our visibility as a strong Ward in the city.

* A councilman is only as effective as the information he receives from his constituents to act upon. As your councilman for Ward 3, I pledge to have an open door policy for all of my constituents, no matter what ‘side of the aisle’ they are on. I pledge to not only represent the residents of Ward 3 but the entire City of Las Vegas

* Smooth and efficient running of our city government is paramount to our city’s success. To insure this takes place, I will network with my colleagues focusing on the goal of keeping the big picture in mind while working out the differences between us

The process is called ‘Synergy’ – the ideas are better when there are differences of opinion that are aired and discussed. We all must work together with one thing in mind – making Las Vegas and Ward 3 a great place to live and work.

Proposed Ideas:

When elected here are a few ideas that I have for making our Ward and Las Vegas better.

1. Continue expanding the Courtyard Project, and finding other ideas that give our homeless population a hand up and not a hand out.

2. I would like to see Money allocated to protect and preserve our parks, also in certain areas I’d like to see a beefed up presence of law enforcement.

3. I believe Circle Park is one of the bigger issues of the Ward. One idea is to turn it into a children’s park. I pledge to work with the Huntridge neighborhood in coming up with a viable solution.

4. Short-term rentals are a big issue as well. I will work with the Las Vegas community, and my fellow council members to address this important issue.

5. This next idea the City of Las Vegas would need to work with the County to get it achieved. What I’d like to see is the Las Vegas Monorail extended to the Arts District, Fremont Street, and the Airport.

6. I would like to work with the Maryland Pkwy Coalition to look closer at the proposed light rail transit system.

7. To keep an open mind and work with businesses and my constituents to address each and every concern they may have.

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I appreciate your help and your vote on April 02, 2019

Questions? Email me at smmlv81@gmail.com, or call me on my cell phone, 702-286-8022

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Mis objetivos como su Concejal de la Ciudad son los siguientes:

* Los servicios municipales disponibles para el distrito 3 y el área de Las Vegas están limitados por el presupuesto de la ciudad. Si soy elegido, repasaré el presupuesto línea por línea con la intención de encontrar más servicios para veteranos, personas mayores y enfermos mentales.

* Lucharé por una reducción de impuestos, para todas las empresas nuevas y existentes, que están operando en la Ciudad de Las Vegas y Ward 3, promoviendo más crecimiento e ingresos.

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